Our Music Producers can write, arrange, produce, and record songs. They are the ones who make sure that in the end the finished product is as good as it can be.Their experience will make a huge difference in your music.


Who loves the best sound quality knows what an analog recording does, that’s why we offer the possibility to have your songs mastered through Tape. We are practically the only studio in Portugal doing that job, to take your records to an entire different level.


Behind the mixer we have Wilson Silva, he is using the best equipment, known as the top standard in the music industry and all his experience to get the best results and be on top of the game.


We can create a DDP file of your Album to be ready for professional duplication,we strive to provide the ancillary services with our partners that will make your life easier and your ambitions more easily fulfilled.


We have a lounge area to kick back and relax during takes. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering, shower, wi-fi, backyard for barbecue and bunk beds for 8 people.


Our expensive mastering gear like tube compressors, specialized equalizers, and accurate reference monitors separate true mastering facilities from other studios with inexpensive digital audio software.


We bring the Recording Studio to you. We can create professional studio quality recordings in a location of your choice, such as your home, rehearsal room, church, school, office, etc. We want you to feel comfortable and inspired.