Wilson Silva got his first set of drumsticks when he was 7 years old, born in Lisbon, Portugal, it was there he got his start in the local music scene, he began performing publicly at age 11, playing in numerous local bands until he found a permanent home in a band called More Than a Thousand. The last album “Lost at Home” was recorded in the U.S.A. and signed by a major label, Good Fight, Entertainment One. He has traveled to more than 18 countries, performing over 1200 shows to date and had the pleasure to shared stages with a number of worldwide important artists. When not touring the world, Wilson runs a very strict and extremely busy calendar. He has his own Recording Studio “WrecordsStudios” since 2007, work as composer, producer and sound engineer. Wilson also teaches private drum lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Surrounded by the best ones in the music industry, Wilson got all the experience, sensibility and taste of a sound engineer and songwriter. He has recorded and mastered songs for national tv and for more than 60 bands, some of those works got signed by major labels and sold hundreds of copies.